Compact Polycarbonate


Our skylights are made to the same dimensions as our Hiansa MO-18, MT-32, MT-42 and MT-52 steel plates, thereby ensuring a perfect fit between the steel cladding sheet and the skylights. These products are manufactured in both flat and cold-moulded curved models (in accordance with the client’s instructions and at the client’s own liability) and their solar-radiation control properties (which are intrinsic to the sheet) provide excellent light transmittance and a high reflection level in terms of heat radiation. All of these features makes compact polycarbonate an ideal product for situations of extreme cold or heat.
Our sheets can also be supplied with anti-condensation treatment, which is particularly suitable for building types characterized by the presence of marked interior condensation (in swimming pools, for example).

Technical specifications


Compact polycarbonate

Available for

MO-18, MT-32, MT-42 and MT-52


1.0 mm (0.04 in.)


Façades and Roofs



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