Quality is what drives us


We take the utmost care of all the processes necessary for the manufacture of our products, which includes a meticulous control of the raw materials, a modern continuous manufacturing process and a rigorous quality control. This allows us to offer a product backed by certified quality.

Certified raw material

We carry out a daily check on all the materials involved in the manufacturing process: the galvanized and pre-painted steel coils, the chemicals that make up the foam for the panels and the auxiliary elements. All materials have quality certificates to provide the customer with the necessary traceability.

Manufacturing process

A continuous manufacturing process with two state-of-the-art lines including “crown effect”, pre-heating and sheet forming, injection with curing and foam pressing. The panels are then cut using a running cutting tool and cooled before automatic packaging. The process is designed to offer a final product of the highest quality, in addition to manufacturing times adapted to the needs of our customers.

Manufacturing process

Comprehensive quality control

Quality is verified throughout the process by mechanisms integrated into the production line, controlling various aspects of the components and dimensions of the finished product. We also carry out tests in our own laboratory at the end of the line, to check the mechanical properties of our products. Our manufacturing process adheres to current standards UNE-EN 14509 and UNE-EN 14682, in order to ensure the CE marking remains in force.

Proven performance

We carry out tests in prestigious Materials Study and Development Centers and in first-class approved laboratories to prove the mechanical resistance, reaction to fire classification and fire resistance. As a result, we have obtained some of the most prestigious product certificates, such as the B-S1-d0 classification and the EI-45* fire resistance by AFITI LICOF, as well as the Factory Mutual Approvals seal.

(*)Hiansa Ultra panel measuring 160 mm (6.30 in.).

Recycling and sustainability

Effective management of the production process to contribute to a more sustainable environment. As raw materials, we use chemicals for our foams and steels for profiles or sandwich panels with a high percentage of recycled material. In the rejection process, we separate the parts so that they can be recycled. We have state-of-the-art manufacturing lines optimized to reduce water and electricity consumption, which thus lowers CO2 emissions for a cleaner industry.

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Quality and Environment Policy

Hiansa and Hiansa Panel’s quality policy can be consulted below.

Quality Certifications

Hiansa’s quality management systems are ISO 9001 and Factory Mutual certified.