HiRock Rock Wool Panel

Rock wool sandwich panel

The rock wool sandwich panel is the ideal solution for partitioning fire zones. Designed to submit to the high demands against fire, this type of panel stands out for its multi-ribbed design, quality, durability and for guaranteeing total watertightness. 

Manufacturers of rock wool panels for roofing systems

At Hiansa we manufacture rock wool for panels that require fire resistance in the event of a fire, as well as a high level of insulation and acoustics. The properties of the materials with which they are made come from volcanic rock, offering high resistance, durability and protection.

Properties of rock wool sandwich panels:

-High resistance to fire. Facilities that have this panel will be protected against fire and emission. Resistant to temperatures above 1000 °C (1832 ºF).

-Thermal properties: it is highly effective against cold and heat, as well as helping to combat climate change.

-Acoustic characteristics: rock wool resists drafts, this allows noise reduction and creates quieter and more comfortable environments.

-Robustness: the spaces where these panels are installed will enjoy a longer useful life thanks to the robustness of rock wool.

-Hydrophobic properties: safeguard and guarantee integrity. Protects against environmental damage.


Experts in the manufacture of sandwich panels with a rock wool core

We have high-end sandwich panels for roofing systems, façades and partitioning with an insulating core of rock wool inside. For more information, see our products:

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The benefits of the Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Rock wool sandwich panels are composed of two galvanized steel sheets and an insulating rock wool core, which offers advantages such as:

  1. Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
  2. High resistance to fire
  3. Lightweight and easy handling
  4. Versatility in design and applications.
  5. Low maintenance and long useful life.