Façade Panel

Sandwich panel for façades

The sandwich panel for facades is one of the most demanded models in our company. Designed for industrial buildings, agricultural facilities and homes, this type of panels stands out for its high protection against humidity and thermal leaks.

Building with sandwich panels is ideal for private homes

Houses made with sandwich panels have become a trend. This type of construction is increasingly popular for private residences.

At Hiansa we work with the latest technology on the market to offer the best results. In addition, our products are subjected to the strictest reviews in terms of quality, durability and resistance.

We have high-end façade sandwich panels that are made with fine metal surfaces. Their thickness makes them a safe, rigid, load-resistant and durable solution for both thermal and acoustic façades.

Below we present the main qualities of this line for homes and industrial buildings:

– Easy to install
– Versatile
– Excellent thermal insulation
– Lightweight
– Modern and functional
– Resistance to fire and humidity


– Façade Panel Microperfilado
– Façade Panel Perfilado
– Façade Panel Semiliso
– Façade Panel Liso


Experts in wholesale of sandwich panels for the exterior façade

We are market leaders in the manufacture of façade sandwich panels. The panel can be mounted both vertically and horizontally by means of the tongue-and-groove joint, ensuring in both cases the continuity of the exterior wall, which guarantees optimal thermal and acoustic performance.

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What is a façade sandwich panel?

A façade sandwich panel is a construction material composed of two layers of galvanized steel sheet with an insulating core in the middle. This core can be made of different materials, such as polyurethane, rock wool or expanded polystyrene (EPS). The sandwich panel for façades is used to cover façades and roofs of buildings, providing thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as protection against humidity and other external elements.


Benefits of the sandwich panel for façades

The sandwich panel for façades offers a number of benefits for construction projects, making it a popular choice among architects and builders. Some of these benefits are:

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation: The insulating core offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation capacity, reducing energy loss and external noise.
  • Durability and resistance: It is made of galvanized sheet steel, which makes it resistant to corrosion and external elements such as the sun, rain and wind. It is also fire resistant and complies with safety and fire prevention regulations.
  • Easy installation: It is easy to install, which saves time and labor costs compared to other building materials.
  • Versatility: It is available in different sizes, colors and finishes, allowing a wide range of applications in the construction of commercial and residential buildings.