Panel Slimsun

Slimsun is an innovative line of Sandwich Panels with Flexible Solar Sheets.

The Slimsun Panel is the result of the merger between Hiansa Panel and the Swedish company Midsummer, the European leader in the manufacture of flexible solar sheets.

The flexible solar sheets can be incorporated into the roof sandwich panel from the factory or can be placed on top of existing Hiansa roof panels. In any case, up to 3 flexible solar panels can be installed in series, reaching a maximum length of 12 m (39.37 ft).

Flexible solar sheets have a 10-year warranty and offer a minimum guaranteed yield of 80% for 25 years. In this way, it becomes a high-performance and durable photovoltaic solar collection solution.

Characteristics of the Slimsun Sandwich Panel

The fastest, lightest, most sustainable and safest solution for the installation of solar collection systems on roofs

The most Integrated and Lightweight system

Flexible solar sheet weighing only 3 kg/m² (0.61 lb/ft2), much less than other solar solutions.
Without support structures, it avoids wind effects and is easy to handle.

No need for Drilling

The flexible solar sheets are adhesive and do not need fixing systems that perforate the support panel, thus ensuring the watertightness and durability of the roof system.

Quick and Easy Installation

Panels ready to make the electrical connection.
Assembly of the roof and solar collection in a single operation.
Increases speed of assembly.

Custom Projects

Flexible solar sheets of up to 4,025 mm (158.46 in.) in length, are placed over the roof panel, offering a particular solution for each case.

Polyurethane panels Great insulating power, by ensuring the homogeneity and density of the core.

Easier cleaning and maintenance.

Do you want to emphasize the aesthetics of your building?

Continuous Manufacturing

Panels with a fully continuous and uniform foam core.

No air holes means increased performance of the panel and ensures a solid support for the flexible solar sheet.

No risk of water leaks.

State-of-the-art Solar Cells

Midsummer offers a state-of-the-art production line for solar cells.

DUO is a compact and automatic production machine, which deposits CIGS in order to manufacture solar cells.

Production low in CO2 emissions. 1/10 compared to the production of conventional solar panels.

More power per weight with the CIGS panel. 25 g/W vs. 60 g/W.

Sustainable Production

Manufactured in Sweden, they are the first flexible solar sheets “Made in Europe”, thus contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint in the production process and, above all, transportation prior to its installation on site, compared to other products manufactured in more distant continents.

The manufacturing process is simplified compared to more conventional systems, since there is no need for materials such as silicones, glass, aluminum frames, minerals, etc…
This translates into an Ultra Low Carbon Footprint with ~3-6 g CO2 / kWh and +98% more recyclability compared to traditional solar panels.