Ultra High-Performance Panel

Ultra is an innovative range of Sandwich Panels, noted for its characteristics in sustainability, insulation and fire protection.

Developed in collaboration with DOW and its V PLUS PERFORM™ insulation technology, Ultra contributes to more sustainable, energy efficient and safer buildings.

Ultra Sandwich Panel Features

What if buildings could be more sustainable, efficient and safe?

More sustainable buildings

The ULTRA panel contributes notably to the GREEN, LEED V4 and BREAAM Sustainable Construction Classifications, to reduce the environmental impact generated by buildings, influencing the reduction of CO2 emissions, the recyclability of materials and the limitation of VOC emissions.

Better energy efficiency

Ultra is the next generation in Sandwich Panel technology, offering panels with the same thickness that improve insulation by up to 20%, helping designers optimize the energy performance of buildings. Likewise, it offers the possibility of obtaining the same level of insulation with a smaller panel thickness.

Increased security

It is the first panel in its range with a polyurethane core, which certifies fire resistance E-60(*) and EI-45(*). It also contributes to improving the reaction to fire thanks to its Bs1d0 certification. This feature reduces the spread of smoke in the event of a fire and improves the safety of buildings.

* According to the UNE EN 13501-2:2016 standard for Ultra Refrigeration Panels with thicknesses equal to or greater than 160 mm (6.30 in.).